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    Dave Arneson
    (October 1, 1947-April 7 2009)

  • Blackmoor Tribute painting by Kevin Mayle. Used with permission from the artist.Thanks Kevin!

    Site last updated: January 2012

  • This website is created and regularly updated by me, Havard.
    If you want to contact me about the contents of this site, you can send me an email at: havardblackmoorATyahooDOTcom or just drop by the Forum.
  • Unless otherwise noted, illustrations, except the site logo are copyrighted WotC and ZGG and are used for non profit reasons without permission.

  • During the Christmas of 1970/1971, Dungeons & Dragons Co-Creator Dave Arneson created the World of Blackmoor. This was the first fantasy campaign.
    This website is all about Dave Arneson's Blackmoor in all it's incarnations.



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