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Years of Fire: Adventure Ideas

Protecting the Community
Survival could be an adventure on its own. Whether the PCs are a small group trying to make it on their own, or whether they are part of a larger group; trying to find enough food, avoid radiation, find medicines to cure sickness and plague, and fighting off Mutant and Humanoid raiders can be an adventure of its own. The style of the game may vary from more or less standard D&D-style to more Mad Max meets Gamma World style, depending on how much apocalyptic stuff the GM wants to include.

Search for the Past
The Great Rain of Fire and Blackmoor are becoming myths. What happened to Blackmoor? Was it experiments of combining magic and technology that caused its destruction? Was it internal war (as detailed in Mystarosí Timeline)? Was it an act of magical terrorism? Or was it a long-term plot by the powers of Entropy, perhaps Thanatosí greatest achievement? A campaign can be centered around searching for knowledge about the past, perhaps it is also related to the origins of the PCs?

Search for Magic
Magic is weak in this age. The potential is there, but so much knowledge has been lost. Rediscovering magic, finding new Immortals to worship, building new temples and new magical academies could be another focus for a campaign, easily combined with the two above.