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Never published Blackmoor Products

Compiled by Håvard, with suggestions from Shane Henry.

DA5 City of Blackmoor (Vapourware)

From http://www.acaeum.com/library/research.html:
DA5 City of Blackmoor was a Mystara module scheduled for production in January 1988, but cancelled. The only references we have to it are in an ad by Esdevium Games in Dragon #131 (page 85), an earmarked TSR stock # (9219), and an advertisement in the 1987 TSR Fall Catalog (depicting this pre-production cover scan, which uses the artwork from the cover of Dragon #97). Bruce Heard, in charge of the D&D product line at the time, has said that this module was never even designed, let alone produced and shipped. However, contributor Dave Keyser has told us that the module was actually nearly completed, and the material is now currently with a company (Zeitgeist Games)[...].

Adventures in Blackmoor boxed set

From http://pandius.com/refguide.html:
This campaign set allows the return of the Blackmoor civilisation in the Known World. A bit of history: Blackmoor destroyed itself 1,000 years ago and was "cloned" inside the Hollow World sanctuary by the Immortals. The Blackmoorians' technological antics finally upset the Immortals who literally kick them out of the Hollow World. Blackmoor re-establishes itself on the Known World, after being copiously trashed by their Immortal (ex)- patrons. Blackmoor distinguishes itself from the traditional fantasy genre because of modern technology equipment that keeps showing up in their setting. These are rare, poorly understood items that become very dangerous in the wrong hands. In a nutshell, Blackmoor qualifies as "dark-age medieval fantasy with technology"!

BMa1 - Blackmoor #1 of 2, The Egg of Coot

From http://pandius.com/refguide.html:
This adventure takes traditional player characters from the usual Known World to the chaotic Land of Blackmoor. They discover the secret and dark wonders of Blackmoor and realise the risks they pose to their way of life. They must shut down one of the known sources of technology-the strange and mysterious Egg of Coot. But it is indeed a deadly place.

BMa2 - Blackmoor #2 of 2, The Doomsday Rod

From http://pandius.com/refguide.html:
An adventure for native Blackmoor characters. These adventurers hear of a secret weapons cache forgotten by the powerful entities of their land. Contrary to the wisdom of characters in the traditional Known World setting, these fellows want these lethal contraptions to fulfil their dreams of power! The player characters are allowed to get their hands on the deadly weapons, but in so doing trigger a doomsday machine. The characters must use (and hopefully deplete) their newly acquired equipment to destroy the frightening machine. A typical shoot'em up escapade for gun powder-crazed players!