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Mystara at the Time of Blackmoor

PART III -- Skothar

Afridhi Tribelands
Afridhi are a warlike race of humans who threaten the Peshwah and Blackmoorians alike.

Beastman Wastes, aka Lands of Thorin
North of the Skandaharian lands, Beastmen rule. These Beastmen and Humanoids wandered through Frosthaven and dominate the lands north of the Skandaharian reaches.

Tenn, Duchy of
This is a breakaway Duchy of emigrants from Thonia.

Peaks, Duchy of the
The Duchy of the Peaks, is a magic oriented Duchy by the Superstition Mountains.

Elven Homelands
Elves have long since arrived from Evergrun and brought with them several clans of Hin. These two races have settled all over Blackmoor and Thonia. In some cases they live alongside humans, in other cases they have created small pocket kingdoms.

These peoples are related to Skandaharians but less warlike and involved with trade with Blackmoor.

Hin Homelands
The Hin arrived with the Elves from Evergrun and have settled throughout Thonia and Blackmoor, and have founded communities such as the Shire of Booh.

Mermen Kingdoms
According to Supplement II, Mermen and Aquatic Elves live just east of Blackmoor. The Aquatic Elves in question are a special project conducted by Proteus, even before the Aquarendi enter the waters south of Brun.

Blackmoor is located in around the southern “lake” as shown on the HW continental map. In my modified version of that map, I have assumed that this is the Black Sea around which the lands of the Blackmoor campaign are situated. Blackmoor is a breakaway colony of the Thonian Empire.

Peshwah Tribelands
The Peshwa are a race of hunter gatherers. They live in the lands west of Blackmoor and have long been plagued by the Afridhi.

Who lives on small continet which eventually will become the home of the Alphatians is unknown. The Peshwah will eventually travel through here on their way to Brun, where they will become the ancestors of the Ethengar, so it is likely to assume that some seagoing Peshwa (not unlike the Athruagin Children of the Turtle) have already settled the coasts of this mini-continent.

Skandaharian Jarldoms
The northmen of Skandaharia are barbarian followers of Odin, under the rulership of Thorsen One-Thumb. The Skandaharians sometimes come to trade, other times to plunder the east coast of the Thonian Empire and Blackmoor.

Tanagoro Tribelands
In any case, the Thonians share southern Skothar with the Tanagoro, a dark skinned race which dominates the entire south of Skothar, stretching from the far east and as far west as the Bellisarian Peninsula. This tribal culture does some trade with Thonia and the Thonians quite possibly use Tanagoro people as slaves and gladiators. Expeditions to Oceania and Zyxl have been undertaken, although these lands have not yet been permanently settled by the Tanagoro.

Thonian Empire
South of Blackmoor lays the lands of the Thonian Republic/Empire. This is a multicultural empire, how large it is unknown, but it covers several cultures and lands which are dominated by the morally corrupt and decadent Thonians. (Although it is most likely a coincidence, Thonia sounds a little like Thothia, so perhaps Thonian colonists reached as far as the Isle of Dawn, leaving behind some remains for the Nithian colonists to find centuries later, perhaps leading to the corruption of this race as well?)