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Mystara at the Time of Blackmoor

The information below is a description of Mystara at the time of Blackmoor, that is ca 4000 BC. Lets zoom away from Blackmoor for a moment and consider what the rest of Mystaras Outer World was like at this time. I have based myself heavily on Mystaros Epic Timeline to find ideas for the civilizations that covered the planet in Blackmoorís early days. Like Mystaros, I have decided to divide the great Northern Continet into two separate parts, that of Brun and that of Skothar, even though the continent has not yet split, forming those two continents. Mystaros identifies a range of Kingdoms, Empires and other Civilizations, and these are listed with descriptions under each Continent.

Brun currently forms the western part of the Northern Continent. Azcan Kingdoms The Azcans were once part of the Oltec Civilization. The Azcans are located mostly in the southwest of Brun. See the Oltec Civilization for more detail.

Aquarendi Lands
The Aquarendi lands are marked on the map, which means they probably already at this time have left Davania for the lands just south of what will become the Known World. Their name, Aquarendi indicates that they are already a sea oriented clan, probably already at this time following Proteus rather than Ordana.

Borean Valley
The Borean Valley, stretching along the Borean River is the cradle of the Beastman Civilization, which was created here, centuries ago by the Immortal Hel (Idris). The Beastmen gradually develop into Orcs, Goblins and the like and control the entire Valley and have also spread out to all corners of Brun. Some have crossed the Frosthaven Landbridge to Skothar. A large portion has migrated to Hyperborea which will one day become the major stronghold of the race. The Humanoids do not have a common leader and are divided into numerous fractions and kingdoms, but are united in the worship of Hel. Many Humanoids have fallen under the Domination of the Draconic Empire. Others have become vassals of the Giant Kingdoms. The Gnoll race will not be created for another 2500 years, yet DMs who wish to use Gnolls in their campaigns may decide that an earlier form of this race existed but was destroyed during the Blackmoor Cataclysm, only to be recreated by the Nithians at a later time.

Draconic Empire
The Draconic Empire has its center in the Wyrmsteeth Mountain Range. It is a nation formed by evil Chromatic Dragons with there arrival around 5500 BC. Red, Green, Black and White dragons are the most common. The dragons were called to Mystara by Hel and are considered her servants. They have driven out all the dwarves of the region, except those clans who entered into the Dragonsí servitude, and those who went underground. The Beastmen were created as allies for the Draconic Empire, and hordes of Humanoids now serve the Empire. The empire has enslaved many tribes of Neathar Humans who are used as slaves by the Dragons. The Draconic Empire are sworn enemies of the Golden Empire on the Southern Continent.

Dwarven Lands
Dwarves were once found in all the mountains and hills of the continent, but their numbers have been greatly reduced by fighting the Dragons of the Draconic Empire. In their traditional lands of the Wyrmsteeth Range, the dwarven population has been decimated. Some clans have sworn loyalty to the Dragons, others have been driven underground. The rest have been scattered. Of this last group, many found their way to Skothar and are now found throughout the Thonian Empire and Blackmoor. Some dwarves have been driven south digging out the caves which later will be populated by the Rockhome Dwarves and Shadow Elves, others were driven to Blackmoor and Thonia, settling among those cultures. Yet another race of dwarves were driven to Hyperboria, still surviving there thousands of years later (See SB Wilsons Hyperboria material for more on these guys).

Frosthaven Landbridge
The Frosthaven Sea and the lands surrounding it, including the land bridge north of the Sea is dominated by several kingdoms of Frost Giants. The Frost Giant Kingdom of Frosthaven Island in AC1000 is all that remains of these ancient kingdoms.

Giant Kingdoms
A multitude of Giant Kingdoms exist all over Brun, populated by various Giant Races. Stone Giants and Mountain Giants dominate the lands just south of Yalu Lake. Cloud Giants and Storm Giants have kingdoms along the Immortalís Arm, while Hill Giants dominate the lands just west of Wyrmsteeth. Many Hill giants also live within the Borean Valley alongside Humanoids and Beastmen. Most Giant races follow Hel, although Odin also has some followers among Good and Neutral Giants. The most powerful Giant realm is still the ancient kingdom of Gandahar which has existed since before the last Ice Age.

Hyperboria is dominated by Humanoids. Some other races including dwarves also live there. Neathar lands Neathar humans live in numerous pocket kingdoms all over Brun. Many are enslaved by the Draconic Empire.

Oltec Kingdoms
The Oltec civilization spreads across the southern coast of Brun. On the southern part of Brun, a race of humans known as Oltecs have carved the land for themselves, but they are in constant conflict with the breakaway human culture of the Azcans, which threaten the Oltecs existence. The Oltecs are supported by the Golden Empire of Davania and many travel between the Northern and the Southern Continent. Pockets of Neathar Human Kingdoms, now in the Iron Age, are spread out all over the continet.