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Blackmoor Technology part 3

Conversions by Traianus Decius Aureus
Riot Stick6 200 gp - Varies: None up to 1d4+14 x2 — 4 lbs Touch attack. ½ damage is electrical, ½ damage is non-lethal
Needler6 400gp - 1d2 + Paralysis x3 15 ft. 2 lb. Piercing + Paralysis for 60 mins. Fort Save vs DC 12 negates paralysis.
Ammo Pack (24)7 100gp
Propellant Pack (24)7 100gp

Needler (Wand of Poisoned Dreams) (Martial, Ranged, Blackmoor)
This dark gray, L-shaped device is made from some smooth, dense substance and is molded to fit a human hand. The part that fits most comfortably in the palm has a stud and several tiny protrusions. The other part ends in a thin tube. As a result, it may be used one-handed. This small, easily concealed weapon fires small hollow steel needles containing a paralyzing drug feet whenever the stud in the front of the pistol grip is pressed. Entities hit by the tiny needles must make a Fort. Save vs DC12. Those who fail their saving- throw suffer 1-2 points of damage and are paralyzed for one hour. Those who make their saving throw suffer 1-2 points of damage, but are not paralyzed. The weapon has a standard power pack and a tiny ammo pack (the same size as the power pack) in the grip. Moving a slide on the grip causes the weapon to eject these packs; the weapon can then be reloaded by simply sliding fresh packs into the bottom of the grip. Each new power pack inserted in a needler has 24 charges (uses}, and each ammo pack contains 24 needles. The packs already in a needler when it is discovered by the PCs are good for 5-20 uses. Thumbing open a panel in the back of the grip exposes a vertical gauge whose red indicator line shows how many charges art left. The panel snaps shut when released. If a character succeeds in a DC 25 Craft (weaponmaking), he may drain the standard poison from the needle ammo and substitute another poison. Failure indicates the ammo pack is destroyed.

Riot Stick (Wand of Pain) (Simple, One-Handed Melee)
This item is a 24-inch long, one-inch diameter, smooth white stick with a grip at one end. The butt of the grip can be twisted. Attached to the center of the butt end by a strap is a pair of odd, shiny black gauntlets. This so-called riot stick is designed for use in controlling shipboard mutinies. Twisting the butt of the grip clockwise sends electrical current through the stick (but not the grip, which is insulated). The further clockwise the butt is twisted, the more current charges the stick. Small alien numerals along the grip show the 10 possible settings. At the lowest setting, an unprotected individual touched by the stick gets a minor jolt of electricity that does no damage, but does startle the individual. At the next lowest setting, the stick does 1-2 points of electrical damage (1/2 is non-lethal). At the third setting, it does 1-4 points of electrical damage (1/2 is non-lethal). At each setting above the third (4-10), it does two additional points of electrical damage (for a maximum of 15-19 points at the tenth setting, half of which is non-lethal). The device is powered by a standard power pack inside the grip. The pack can be removed or replaced by twisting the grip counterclockwise from the off position, causing the butt of the grip to pop free and revealing the location of the power pack. The butt can be closed by twisting it clockwise. Each new power pack inserted in this item is good for 24 uses. Packs already in the item when it is discovered by the PCs have 5-20 charges (uses). This weapon only requires a touch attack to damage an opponent. It may be used as a normal club, but will not cause any electrical damage if used in that manner.

Battle Armor5 1,200 gp +9 (deflection) — 0 0% 30 ft. 20 ft. 5 lb
Pressure Suit5 2,000 gp +9 (deflection) & special +8 0 5% 30 ft. 20 ft. 10 lb.

Battle Armor (Godsuit) (Light Armor, Blackmoor)
This item looks like a smooth, wondrously light and thin stocking but one that has been knit with arms and legs to cover the entire body. Woven into the stocking's neck is a small oblong box. All aliens and Soldiers of the Frog wear this tough battle armor, a type of form-fitting, light-weight acrylic mesh. A sensor in the "oblong box" tells the suit when it is being worn and causes it to emit a repulsion field that gives the wearer +9 deflection bonuis to AC without adding to his encumbrance. The “oblong box" contains a standard power pack. Squeezing the box in the palm of the hand causes it to eject its power pack. A new pack can then be slid into the box. Each new pack powers the armor for 4 months. Power packs already in suits discovered by the PCs are good for 1-4 months. The deflection bonus of this suit overlaps, but does not stack with, other deflection bonuses. In addition, it will not function if other armor is worn over it, however it will work with magical bracers.

Pressure Suit (Suit of Lights) (Light Armor, Blackmoor) When inactive, this item looks like battle armor with a hood and a slightly larger box woven into the neck. When it is active, it gives the wearer a multicolored aura. A pressure suit has the same characteristics as battle armor, but it also creates an atmospheric envelope around the wearer. Characters wearing a pressure suit are immune to the effects of heat, cold, gas attacks and lack of atmosphere. The suit needs a new power pack after every 12 hours of use. The deflection bonus of this suit overlaps, but does not stack with, other deflection bonuses. In addition, it will not function if other armor is worn over it, however it will work with magical bracers.