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Blackmoor Technology

Conversions by Traianus Decius Aureus
Grenade Launcher 600gp - by grenade type - 60ft 5 lb By grenade type
Grenade, Gamma 200gp - 8d6 x2 20ft 2 lb Radiation, 30ft radius. Fort. Save vs DC 12 negates
Grenade, Yellow 200gp - Special - 20ft 2 lb Blindness for 1 rd, 30ft radius; Fort. Save vs DC 12 negates.
Grenade, Opacity 200gp - Special - 20ft 2 lb Darkness for 10minutes, 60ft radius.
Grenade, Sonic 200gp - 4d12 + Paralyze x2 20ft 2 lb Sonic + Paralyzed for 60 min, 5ft radius. Fort Save vs DC 12 negates. All unattended objects within blast are affected.
Grenade, Neuron 200gp - 1d4 + Paralyze - 20ft 2 lb Gas: 1d4 + Paralyzed for 60 min, 15ft radius. Fort Save vs DC 12 negates.
Grenade, Tangler 200gp - 1d4 + Entangle - 20ft 2 lb Slashing + Entangled, 10ft radius. Reflex Save vs DC12 negates. Entangled victims cannot move. Struggling causes an additional 1d4 slashing damage per round. Web has 3d6 hp. Victims freed when web is destroyed

Note: Some of the followings weapons are technology weapons from Blackmoor. Normally, characters will not be able use them unless they are taught to use them or they succeed on a Wisdom check vs DC 20. Non-Proficiency penalties may still apply.

Grenade (Death Egg) (Martial, Ranged, Blackmoor )
This item is a smooth, heavy, egg-shaped ball, no more than an inch thick at its widest end. There is a small seam in the middle of the ball. The ball comes in six colors: red, yellow, black, blue, green, and gray. Each grenade can be thrown (Range increment 20 feet) or fired from a grenade launcher. However, if the grenade is inactive (its normal state), it can be thrown or fired all day, and nothing will happen. Before it will cxplode, it must first be active (or live, as the aliens say). To makc a grenade active, it is necessary to twist the two ends in opposite directions until there is a click. The grenade then explodes five seconds later. When thrown or launched, a successful hit indicates the grenade hit the target. If it misses, locate where it lands as you would an errant catapult shot- it explodes at that location. The effect of the explosion depends on the grenade’s type. The different colors indicate different types. These include:

Gamma (Red): This type emits a powerful blast of radiation; all entities within 30 feet must make a Fort. Save vs. DC 12. Those who fail their saving throw sustain 8-48 points of damage. Those who make their saving throw sustain no damage. Gamma grenades do no darnage to the surrounding area.

Light (Yellow): This type creates a globe of light 60 feet across. It is similar that created by the spell continual Iight, but it Iasts only one round. Those who are looking directly at the grenade when it first explodes must make a Fort. Save vs. DC 12. Those who fail their save are blinded for one round. It has no effect on those who make their save. Opacity (Black): This type creates a 60ft diameter globe of darkness for 10 minutes. It cannot be used to blind opponents.

Sonic (Blue): This type emits a destructive, but focused, blast of sound. Each character within a 5ft radius must make a fort save vs DC 12 or suffer 4d12 sonic damage and be paralyzed for 60 minutes. A successful save negates all damage. Any unattended objects within the blast area, also suffer 4d12 damage.

Neuron (Green): This grenade releases a mild nerve gas in a 15ft radius that causes 1d4 damage and paralysis for 60 minutes. A fort save vs DC12 is allowed to negate all affects.

Tangler (Grey): This type emits a dense monofilament web that twists itself around whatever it encounters. All entities within 10ft of the blast must make a reflex save vs DC12. Those that fail sustain 1d4 slashing damage and are entangled in the web. They cannot move or take any action until they are cut free. Those that make their save are unaffected. The web has 3d6 hp and has damage reduction 5/magic. The web responds to resistance by tightening around its source, inflicting an additional 1d4 slashing damage per round to the struggling character. Grenade Launcher (Wand of Death Eggs) (Martial, Ranged, Blackmoor ) This dark gray, foot-long, inch thick tube is open at one cnd and closed at the other. There is a red bump on one side. The closed end holds a standard power pack, a propellant pack, and all of the microcircuits needed to fire the grenade launcher. The cap can be removed by simply unscrewing it. The red bump is a firing button. To usc the launcher, drop a live grenade in it; aim it where you want the grenade to go, and prerss the firing button. With a soft plop, the grenade flies toward the aiming point. It takes one round to arm the grenade, load, and fire. The launcher has a maximum range of 300 feet. Each new propellant and power pack inserted in the launcher is good for 24 uses. Those packs already inside a launcher when it is discovered by the characters are good for 2-24 uses. If the device is triggered while it contains more than one grenade, it explodes, doing 3-18 points of damage to the user plus any damage done by the grenades (which also explode).