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Peoples of Blackmoor

Descriptions provided by Mischa E Gelman. Additional information by Giampaolo Agosta, Francesco Defferrari and myself.

- A small kingdom that broke away from the Empire of Thonia under the leadership of Uther the Just. A multicultural land featuring humans and demihumans(see below), they are also large supporters of education. Surrounded on all sides by enemies. The Men of Blackmoor are of Neathar stock; fair skinned & dark haired, probably,with some latitude.

- Stereotypical Viking-style raiders. They regularly raid the coasts of Blackmoor, Thonia and the Duchy of Ten and are big on slavery. They are split into the Raiders of the East and Raiders of the West, united under a common ruler. They are fair skinned with blue eyes and blond or red hair and beards.

The Egg of Coot
- A strange, twisted creature of great intelligence and power that rules a land called Coot (an island north of Blackmoor). A quarter of its subjects are slaves and I imagine few reside there willingly. A lot is left up to the imagination of the reader.

The Duchy of the Peaks
- A libertine land in the mountains NW of Blackmoor and N of the Duchy of Ten. A small country where basically anything goes (heck, the leader is a former exotic dancer). "[T]he duchy is always in need of gold to fund the public spectacles beloved of its decadent populace." "Sonia continues the policies of her husband and his forebears. Domestically, these consist of providing the people with wide latitude for both financial gain and exotic pleasure while only mildly oppressing them. Her foreign policy consists solely of forging the most tangled possible series of alliances embodied in pacts where wording is so vague as to allow the duchess to nullify any of thjem at any time." According to DA4, it "counted its wealth in diamonds and slaves." Sounds far more orgy-oriented than freedom-loving (heck, it is called mildly oppressing and slavery is rampant.)

The Duchy of Ten
- A medieval-style country that was defeated by the Afridhi in a prolonged campaign. Under Afridhi rule 1,000 years prior to the cataclysm; some loyalists remain but it is basically the central pointfor Afridhi military operations. The Duchy includes large slave powered colonies. Slaves seems to come from (or at least through) Thonia.

The only character to be detailed in depth is a "jolly little man with a bushy, honey-colored beard framing a broad smiling face from out of which peer a pair of shrewd sea-green eyes."

The Afridhi - A large bunch of barbarians ruled by a matriarchy/theocracy. Very efficient militarily, they are the greatest danger to Blackmoor from the west. They worship Zugzul. A small group of male dissidents exists. They are perhaps similar to Mongolians. Tuska Rusa, their high priestess, is said to have "auburn locks". Nothing more for a physical description. The clothing for women is detailed - "Baggy pantaloons, warm felt boots, collarless double-breasted blouse and coat of curly lamb-skin." The male clothing seems fairly similar. "Like most Afridhi, Sher is a short, square-bodied man with curly black hair and a long beard."

Order of the Frog
- A religious cult that worships frogs and is led by St. Stephen, a former spaceship chief of security. Other aliens occupy key ranks in the Froggie organization, which is based in the swamps of SW Blackmoor. They have access to quite a good deal of alien technology. Basically destroyed in the course of DA2.

The Horsemen of Peshwah
- Nomadic horsemen that live in the unstable (politically) lands between Blackmoor, the Duchy of Ten and Thonia. They are neutral in the conflict, but are steadily being forced back and may ally with one side or another. A loose confederation of tribes from a political standpoint.

the Peshwah horseman described is "a short, bandy-legged, sunscorched little man with skin like fine old leater and eyes like the blackest pits of hell." Sounds more Middle Eastern than Mongol to me though the culture is similar to that of modern day Ethengarians. They probably ancestors of the Anient Jennite people and modern day Ethengarians.

- The large, vast, decadent and decaying empire SE of Blackmoor. Fairly reminiscent of Rome in its decline (at least that's the picture I get). Still the world's greatest power. 1,000 years prior to the end of Blackmoor, it was led by an arrogant, clueless twit who got his position based on family lineage (Bush/Gore jokes omitted).

Description: They are of Neathar origin heavily mixed with oltecs and tanagoro (and with a large oltec-tanagoro slave population), so a little darker of complexion than the Blackmoorians... Skothar was inhabited by Neathar in the north, Tanagoro in the south and an Oltec colony in the west... so i assume that those three should be the human races of Thonia... maybe the empire had a little elves, halfling and dwarves population too, but they should not be slaves... anyway probably the slave population should include a large number of Yanifey too, because for uncanon sources Yanifey were the main population of south western Skothar (present day Minaea) and "alphatian" isles territories... maybe thonians himself could be a mixed neathar-yanifey population....

The Sand Folk
- 4-armed desert dwellers. Nomadic folks who follow a code of honor and tradition. They often have dealings with the folks in the City of the Gods.

City of the Gods
- The crashed spaceship that is the FSS Beagle. Manned by the surviving crew who didn't desert when St. Stephen did. Run by a paranoid Cpt. Bork Riesling and defended by many robots and humans. A survey ship, they are still doing some research while trying to find a way back home.

Orcs of the Black Hand
- Orcs who reside in the mountains of eastern Blackmoor. Often at war with the Blackmoorian dwarves. At the time of DA1, they are currently holding prisoner the Regent of the Mines, the leader of the dwarves of the land. His capture ended a truce between the dwarves and orcs. Orc was simply a Blackmoorian term for Beastmen as the Beastmen had not yet developed into the modern Humandoid races of Orcs, goblins, and the like.