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This section brings you news about whats going on with the Blackmoor setting, including coming Blackmoor products and new fan produced material. Since I have a life to maintain in addition to this website, send more news to the adress below. You can make a difference! :)

  • August 30th: Blackmoor Preorders Shipped
    According to Dustin over at ZGG, Goodman Games has confirmed that all Blackmoor preorders have shipped.

  • August 24th 2004: Back from Gen Con!
    Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games has safely returned from Gen Con Indy. "It went great." he says. "Gen Con was a blast, we had a great reception, and the booth was packed almost every minute of every day from Thursday to Sunday. It was nuts, in a good way. Dave did a lot of signings and a LOT of people were very, very impressed by Blackmoor. The feedback from the demo sessions was extremely positive, and we got a lot of new fans who tried out Blackmoor in the demos and immediately headed down to the booth to pick up a copy. Overall, it was a great con and I'm really looking forward to hearing about peoples' Blackmoor campaigns!"

  • August 2nd 2004
    New preview available over at the ZGG website. Preview 3 includes information of chapter 7 of the sourcebook.

  • August 16th 2004: Blackmoor at Gen Con Indy!
    The d20 sourcebook for Blackmoor will be available for those who have preordered it over at Gen Con this weekend. Lucky stiffs!

  • August 13th 2004: Silven Crossroads publish Blackmoor preview
    Silven Crossroads have published the first Preview of Dave Arneson's Blackmoor. You can take a look here.

  • August 10th 2004: The Great Svenny at ZGG site
    At the ZGG website, Greg Svenson long time gamer and member of the earliest Blackmoor games, has posted the story of his first adventure in Blackmoor in our forums. Greg's character"The Great Svenny" is still a famous NPC (when Greg is not playing him) who maintains a great deal of influence and power on Blackmoor's Regency Council. This story is a piece of gaming history!

  • August 10th 2004: Isle of Dread in Dungeon #114
    The legendary Isle of Dread is being revisited in the last issue of Dungeon. Unfortunately for fans of the Mystara setting, it is refitted for Greyhawk, but with only a few modifications it can be brought back to the setting where it belongs. And the map is gorgeous :)

  • August 02nd 2004
    New preview available over at the ZGG website. Preview 3 includes information of chapter 7 of the sourcebook.

  • July 25th 2004: Blackmoor Preview #2 available
    At the ZGG website, the second preview of the upcoming Blackmoor Sourcebook has been made available.

  • July 25th 2004: Jeff Quinn's Game Designer Notes
    Jeff Quinn has made an entry over at the ZGG website. It reveals some information about the elves of Blackmoor. Go check it out!

  • May 17th 2004: Official Release Date Announced:
    Disting Clingman writes: "For those of you who might not have heard, we have announced a release date for Dave Arneson's Blackmoor. The book will be available in September via your local hobby shop. We will also have copies available for GenCon Indy."

  • February 13th 2004:Blackmoor Message Board at Zeitgeist Games.
    A Message Discussion Board has been created to bring more announcements on Blackmoor and produce more communication between designers and fans. Click here
    to see whats going on.

  • December 19th 2003: New Release Date & How to get Autographed Copies!
    Zeitgeistgames' projection for the release of Blackmoor is moving to March 2004. Dustin and Dave appologizes again for the further delay of the product, but promises that the Sourcebook will be available as soon as possible. Preorders and Autographed copies will be made available for Blackmoor Mailinglist members. Stay tuned for more information!

  • December 8th 2003: Blackmoor *hopefully* to be released at GenCon SoCal:
    Zeitgeistgames say they *hope* to release their Blackmoor D20 Sourcebook at GenCon SoCal. The South California gaming convention is to be held on December 11 - 14, 2003. Dustin Clingman and Dave Arneson have appologized for the frustrating delays of the book, which has been completed for a long time. The only thing blocking the release is the long lasting negotiations with Wizards of the Coast.

  • December 8th 2003: Blackmoor and Mystara in Dragon 315:
    According to MML enthusiast Eric Anondson "There is an article for Blackmoor (halflings of the Northern Marches and their order of monks), an article for the Savage Coast (red steel, cinnabryl, tortles, vermeil, the Inheritor feat), an article for the Hollow World (Defilers of Ka, Ka-tainted template, 6 feats for Ka-tainted) and an article on the Lost City of Cynidicea."

  • November 5th 2003: What are we waiting for?
    To answer the myriads of questions concerning the lack of a specific release date for the Blackmoor Sourcebook, which already is long since finished, Dustin explains: "Right now we are just sitting on the finished manuscript/artwork and are finalizing the typesetting and layout. We are awaiting finalization of our agreement with Wizards. I am supposed to be receiving this information almost immediately, but I am not really in control of that. (Which I have to be honest is a tad bit frustrating.) As soon as I have a date, I will let you know. I can say that 100% of the delay is due to this negotiation taking eons longer than anyone would have reasonably expected... but it has to happen in order for the book to see the light of day. :)"

  • October 31st: New design for Mystara.fr.st.
    Thibault Sarlaat's amazing Mystara website, a goldmine for those interested in maps of both Mystara and Blackmoor gets an impressive new look. It can be found from the links section or here.

  • October 31st: Hackwurlde of Mystaros news:
    MML member Paul Westermeyer reports: "I was on the Hackmaster website today, buried at the bottom of the 'upcoming' products page was a note that Hackwurld would be delayed until 06/04."

  • October 25th 2003: First Official Public D20 Blackmoor Game Announced
    According to Dusting Clingman of Zeitgeist Games, Mr Arneson will be hosting a D&D Blackmoor Dungeon adventure at a convention in Orlando in mid November. The first official D20 Blackmoor Game will take place at this convention. More on this here. This means we won't have to wait that much longer to see the book, right? Right?

  • October 2nd 2003: Arneson Interview on ENworld. Arnesom gives an exclusive interview at ENWorld detailing the plans for the upcoming Blackmoor project.

  • October 1st 2003: Zeitgest Games website has been updated. New art previews and a brad new map is available.

  • October 1st 2003: Blackmoor delayed. Due to mainly negotiations with WotC, the D20 Blackmoor Sourcebook will not be released untill November.

  • August 19 2003: Hackwurlde of Mystaros lost in Limbo! A few days ago, the following was posted in www.dragonsfoot.com: "David Kenzer wrote: To all those interested in Mystaros, our esteemed freelancer has had real life rear its ugly head and he was forced to admit defeat and bail from the project. So, we're looking for someone to pick up the torch and carry it forth. We'd prefer an experienced writer. Please contact Brian@kenzerco.com if you're interested."

  • August 17 2003: Blackmoor problems? Dustin Clingman says the Blackmoor Sourcebook is 95% complete, but that some "contractual negotiations" have to be completed before the book can be released. "We hope to have the book released by October" says Dustin.

  • May 14 2003: Blackmoor Interior Art released. Once again members of the Blackmoor and Mystara mailinglists were invited to a sneak peek at the upcoming Blackmoor sourcebook. Reactions to the eight pieces of interior art (both black and white and color) were positive. Dusting Clingman has promised that more will be released in the coming months.

  • April 22 2003: Blackmoor Cover Art released. Members of the Blackmoor and Mystara Mailinglists were invited to have a sneak preview of the cover of the upcoming Blackmoor d20 sourcebook. Reactions were positive, although some felt that the coverart by Larry Elmore was too generic. To get stay updated on future sneak peeks, join the Blackmoor D20 Mailinglist!

  • March 28 2003: Blackmoor D20 Yahoo Group established. A new separate newsgroup for D20 Blackmoor is established. More information at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/d20blackmoor/.

  • February 21 2003: Hackmaster Mystara:
    Kenzer Company announces their production of a Hackmaster version of Mystara. MML member James "Mystaros" Mishler will be the author of the first product. Unfortunately, Blackmoor will not be part of Kenzer Co's Mystara due to legal rights, but James Mishler promises a good compensation...More.

  • February 21 2003: Zeitgeist Games still going strong. In spite of rumours, Zeitgeist Games is still alive. "We just havent been good enough at updating our website," Spokesman Dustin Clingman admits when confronted with the question of why the Peshwah material never appeared on their site as promised. The same material was leaked to the MML last month to the joy of most Mystara and Blackmoor fans.

  • January 21 2003: Jeffrey Quinn speaks. Zeitgeist Games author Jeffrey Quinn shared some of his thoughts about Blacmooor and Mystara on the MML. Read all about it here.

  • January 20 2003: Hackmaster Blackmoor?
    Dusting Clingman mentioned on the MML that Dave Arneson and Zeitgeistgames have been discussing the posibilities of a comical Hackmaster version of Blackmoor with Kenzer Company. Kenzer Company also have the rights to produce Hackmaster supplements for the Mystara setting.

  • January 19 2003: Arneson in Good Health.
    "Dave Arneson's stroke was over a year ago and Dave is well recovered, running games and wrting" assures Dusting Clingman of Zeitgeist Games.

  • January 18 2003: Blackmoor Preview
    A teaser preview of the coming Blackmoor D20 book was shared with the Mystara Mailinglist. The material, concerning the Peshwah was shared exclusively with the MML. This was due to the special "support and interest shown by this community", says Dustin Clingman of Zeitgeist Games. Clingman also proposed that MML members could be invited to help contribute to further Blackmoor Mystara connections in future Zeitgeist Games products if legal issues on this could be cleared with WotC.

    Game designer and MML-oldtimer James Mishler also commented on the legal issues regarding the creative rights of WotC, Arneson and Kenzer Company. Read about it here

  • Zeitgeist Games announces coming D20 Blackmoor product line. Read more in the press release posted on the Mystara Mailinglist Sun, 1 Sep 2002 by Ciro Alessandro Sacco