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These metaorganizations were never published by ZGG, but have now become available through this site. For those of you who do not play the MMRPG, these files can still be of interest as they give insight into various organizations and groups operating in the world of Blackmoor.
  • MetaGaming Organization FAQ v2.0. The updated FAQ for the metaorganizations.

  • Followers of the Gnome Pantheon. Followers of various Deities of the Gnomish folk.

  • The Blackmoor Military. Good insight in the military structures of the Blackmoor armed forces

  • The Fairwind Circus. Because people want a circus!

  • Skandaharian cultural society, a group interested in Skandaharian culture.

  • Ordo Elementarum, a group of elementalists originating in the elven lands, having just returned to this world

  • Scroll and Blade, arcane mercenaries.

    More metaorganizations can be found here.