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Greyhawk and Blackmoor

(Additional Information by Arivne and David Ross on this one)

Although the main focus of this website is the connection between Mystara and Blackmoor, I have decided to include other possibilities for Blackmoor aswell. Blackmoor was created by Dave Arneson, but was in the early days transplanted into Gygax’s Greyhawk milieu. The Duchy of Ten(h) and the Great Kingdom were all products of the Castle & Crusade Society, in turn a creation of Gary Gygax. In the early days, it was unclear where Greyhawk ended and Blackmoor began. However, in their later incarnations, the Greyhawk and Blackmoor settings grew apart. As David Ross wrote in his Blackmoor Gazetteer:

"As for the Blackmoor within Greyhawk, no-one has ever insisted that we reconcile the two. Greyhawk’s Blackmoor may be a source of creative material but should by no means be considered part of Blackmoor Canon."

However, there is still a Blackmoor in Greyhawk, even though it is somewhat different from what Blackmoor has become.

The links below lead to Greyhawk-Blackmoor specific material:

  • Dave Arneson's original City of the Gods adventure, with Mordenkainen and Robilar. Or in pdf
  • Description of Greyhawk's Archbarony of Blackmoor, or in pdf.
  • Map of Greyhawk's Archbarony of Blackmoor
  • A description from the Greyhawk Gazeteer(s)