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Gen Con Report!

Okay, okay, I know itís late and that Gen Con 2003 in Indianapolis happened a long time ago. But I wanted to write something about my trip there. While I have been to quite a few conventions before, this was my first time in the United States, and (obviously) also my first time at Gen Con. I was one of the fortunate individuals who had received my badge in the mail, so even when the color printers broke down at an early stage, I was lucky not to be among those masses who had to stand in line throughout most of the weekend hoping to get theirs.

I didnít play many games. I actually rarely do at Conís. I prefer walking around talking to people, buying stuff or just looking at people dressed up as Boba Fett, Darth Vader or Gandalf. Some people didnít even have to dress up to look interesting, just their not ever having left their house except for their annual trip to the worldís most famous convention, makes them quite interesting. Okay, that wasnít very nice. But they say everything is bigger in America, and yes, that goes even for some of the people. But hey, you can say one thing about gamers; they are pretty tolerant people. You donít have to have an Armani suit to fit in, in fact that will probably just make people wonder why you spent that money on clothes when you think about how many sourcebooks you could have gotten for that money. ut a cool costume for the Con will always get peopleís interest of course. And chain mail bikinis. Oh yes, chain mail bikinis. I will never get over those.

And I spent a lot of money. A lot. I completed my collection of Torg stuff, hard to come by these days. I also found some of the blackmoor material I was missing, but 50$ a module or thereabout was a bit to steep. If I had come by them before I started buying the other stuff, I probably wouldnít have cared, but by the time I found those items, there just wasnít enough money left. Spending the weekend before that in Las Vegas might also have something to do with that, but thatís a different story.

While walking around, someone shouted "Hey Havard!" It was Dustin from Zeitgeist Games. I was hoping to get to talk to those guys, but was surprised when Dusting recognized me from the name on my badge. Dustin, a really friendly guy, was really excited to tell me everything about their work, which was of course one of the things I wanted to ask him about. He also introduced me to Joseph Goodman from Goodman Games and the Grand Old Man himself, Dave Arneson. So there I was, a little overwhelmed with meeting all of these guys at once, but in retrospect, I wish I had thought of more questions to ask them. Dustin offered a lot of information though, I was even supposed to get to look at some preliminary work that he had on his computer, but unfortunately that didnít work out. However, he did show me some of the artwork for the book, much more than has previously been released to the mailing lists. The artwork, all black and white was really good. There were different styles of art, and some of it was very interesting. I picked up a lot of promising information from talking to Dustin, like "Clockwork technology" and "steam tech", but "no Temple of the Frog or Valley of the Ancients yet". Also the words "possibility of future purchase of Mystara license" were uttered. Not sure if I was supposed to reveal any of this, but I figured it canít hurt. Anyways, I left the convention (and the US two weeks later), and returned to Europe a happy (if broke) man.