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[Blog] Chainmail Co-Creator Jeff Perren 70 years today!
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Author:  Havard [ Jul 25, 2017 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  [Blog] Chainmail Co-Creator Jeff Perren 70 years today!

Chainmail Co-Creator Jeff Perren 70 years today!

Today is a good time to honor another important figure in the history of our hobby. Jeff Perren turns 70 years old today. Perren created Chainmail with Gary Gygax in 1970. The original version of the ruleset was distributed in the Domesday Book, which many of my readers will know was the fanzine for the Castles & Crusades Society. Perren was a member of the Lake Geneva Tactical Association (LGTSA) which was the group who used to meet regularly in Gary Gygax' basement for gaming.

For a while, many incorrectly assumed that Blackmoor was simply a variant of the Chainmail game, but although I think that most people these days accept that that is just a myth, gaming historians and fans still debate to what extent Chainmail did influence the two creators of Dungeons & Dragons. My friend DHBoggs has written som excellent articles about this on his blog here.

No matter where you land on those debates, I think we should all be able to recognize that Chainmail was an important milestone in the development of our hobby and we can be thankful for Jeff Perren's contributions. In this short interview, Perren humbly admits that he recieved no royalties for Chainmail, but that he is happy that some of the things he created are still loved. The World of Greyhawk also has a region, Perrenland, that is named after him.

Happy birthday Jeff!


Note: Image taken from this blog
Note: Thanks to author Matt Forbeck for making me aware of the date of Mr Perren's Birthday.

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Author:  Havard [ Jul 25, 2017 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Blog] Chainmail Co-Creator Jeff Perren 70 years today!

The article on the blog has been expanded with a pretty cool quote from Frank Mentzer. Will update this text later :)


Author:  Havard [ Jul 26, 2017 4:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Blog] Chainmail Co-Creator Jeff Perren 70 years today!

Possibly my favorite response to this so far comes from a relative of Mr. Perren:

Victoria Ricks Perren-Cserep wrote:
I just read it to him. He was blown away by all of the recognition!

Put a smile on my face :)


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