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Echoes of Blackmoor

-Remnants of Blackmoor on present day Mystara.

The Great Rain of Fire is still remembered in myths and legends. The most obvious remnant of the Blackmoor Civilization in the geographical and climatic changes caused by the cataclysmic destruction of Blackmoor. The explosion lead to Mystara shifting its axis and altering the shapes of the continents. What other remnants of today can be traced back to that ancient civilization?

First of all, the rise of the Blackmoor civilization was a process over a thousand years in which the cultures of Blackmoor, Thonia and other surrounding peoples were totally altered. Blackmoor gradually became the dominant power of the entire planet and most surrounding cultures adapted themselves to Blackmoor.

However, it is possible that the peoples who survived the Great Rain of Fire reverted back to their original cultures. There are similarities between some of the peoples living nearby Blackmoor and present day peoples of Mystara (AC1000). The Ethengar and the Jennite (The latter now mostly in Hollow World) appear to be descendants of the Peshwa. In the case of the Ethengars, it is speculated that even at the early times of Blackmoor many Peshwa tribes, suffering attacks from the nearby Afridhi, migrated west through Proto-Alphatia and onto the Dawn Territories and further onto what later became the Brun Continent. Similarly, some Skandaharians may have made it across the Frosthaven landbridge onto Brun and thus becoming the ancestors of the later Antalians. This would explain the great similarities between these two cultures. Some Immortal intervention by Odin, patron of both the Skandaharians and Antalians, also does not seem unlikely. The Valemen also made it across to the western part of the Northern Continent, developing into present day Littonians. Furthermore, the mention of Halflings on the Minean Coast may be explained by surviving Blackmoor Halflings having made it that far south. If so, maybe other peoples survived aswell?

Other cultures such as the Oltec, Azcan, Neathar and Tangor peoples were eventually transplanted into the Hollow World as were the Blacklore Elves. Perhaps the Serpent Peoples of Davania now also exist on Mystaras inside?