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Medium-sized Construct
Hit Dice: 22d10 (150hp)
Initiative: -1 (dex)
Speed: 30, flying: 60
AC: 21 (+11 natural)
Attacks: See below
Damage: See below
Face/Reach: 5ft/5 ft by 5ft
Special Attacks: See below
Special Qualities: Construct, vulnerability to rust (as Iron Golem)
Saves: Fort:+10 Ref:+9 Will: +10
Abilities: Str: 33 Dex: 9 Con: - Int: - Wis: 11 Cha: 1
Skills: -
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Solitary or gang (2-4)
Challlenge Rating: 15

Treasure: nil.
Alignment: always neutral
Advancement: -

The Dbots are Defensive Robots serving the crew of the FSS Beagle. They appear as 7 tall humanoids covered with black metal.

Needler: Range 60, the needler shoots poisonous darts doing 1d2 points of damage. Victims hit must make a Fortitude Save (DC 20) or be paralyzed for 1 hour.

Heavy Blaster: Damage 8d6, range 360 5d4 charges

Hand Blaster: range 240, dmg 6d6 5d4 charges

Light Grenades (yellow) (3): creatures within 60 must make a Ref Save or be blinded for 10 turns.

Smoke grenades (Black) (3): range 60, fills a 60 area with smoke giving effects like a continual darkness for 10 turns.

Gamma grenades (Red) (3): targets within 30 of explosion must make a Save vs Fortitude or die. Those who succeed still suffer 8d6 of radiation damage. Only organic tissue takes damage from these.

Sonic Grenades (Blue) (6): Range 60. Targets within 5 of explosion suffer 1d4x12 points of damage and must make a Fort Save or be paralyzed for 12 turns.

Neuron Grenades (Green) (3): range 60, gas grenades causing 1d4 points of damage and paralyses victims for 6 turns. Those who make a successful Ref save avoid all effects.

Tangler Grenades (Gray) (3): Range 60, grenades have an effect similar to the Web spell. Those within 10 who fail a Ref Save are webbed and suffer 1d4 points of damage.

Dbots are Defensive Robots constructed by the scientists of the Galactic Federation. Only a few were brought to Mystara with the FSS Beagle Spacecraft.