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Zeitgeist Games announces return of Blackmoor

Dustin Clingman
Zeitgeist Games
Phone: 407-380-2540
Email: dustin@zeitgeistgames.com
Web Site: www.zeitgeistgames.com

Zeitgeist Games announces the Blackmoor line of d20 products. Orlando, Fl - August, 30, 2002 Zeitgeist Games today announced the production of their Blackmoor line of gaming products. The line is based on the original Blackmoor campaign of Dave Arneson. Arneson is the co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons role playing system. The famous Blackmoor campaign was the nexus and inspiration for the combination of role playing with miniatures and served as a foundation for what the RPG industry has become today. Dave Arneson, creator of Blackmoor and co-founder of Zeitgeist Games commented on the announcement of the Blackmoor line by adding “For too long the game industry has been mired in mediocrity, Blackmoor will burn a new path in creativity and ingenuity as it did when it served as the origin of role playing games.” Dustin Clingman, co- founder of Zeitgeist Games commented on the announcement by saying “The return to Blackmoor is sure to be an exciting trek for veteran Role players as well as a new generation of players who are just beginning to see the kind of fun a traditional role-playing game can be.” The Blackmoor line will begin with the world sourcebook for the d20 system and will be followed by a number of additional materials including modules and miniatures. Much of the original source material has been brought back including some of the more infamous villains of Blackmoor’s past. Dungeons & Dragons™ and d20™ are Trademarks of Wizards of the Coast