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Rogues, Regents and Rascals of Blackmoor
Being a list of legendary individuals associated with the region.

Alwyn Morland
Arn Yonson
Barnabas, the Wanderer
Bascin Ungulian, Baron of Glendower
Bosero, the Drunkard
Bram Tagus, Baron of Bramwald
Borther Richard, The Flying Monk
Fletcher William, the Fetch
Garamond Bolitho, The Bishop of Blackmoor
The Great Svenny, Baron of Newgate
King Uther, the Rectifier, Black Uther
Lortz Kharnundrum, Regent of the Mines
Marfeldt, the Barbarian
Mello, the Halfling
Menander Ithamis
Moorkok the Slayer, Prince of the Egg
Miklos Haruska, Old Slyboots
The Peshwan Na Shepro, Baron of Dragonia
Philo Holbytyn, the Sheriff of Ramshead
Piter Rall, Baron of Maus
Rissa Aleford, Baroness of the Lakes
Robert the Bald
Ruda Malefor
Scotty Debelfry
Sildonis, the Wizard of the Wood
Sirk am Peshwah, The Hand of the People
Skandros the Strangler
Sonia Sholako, the Duchess of the Peaks
Taha Marcovic, the Iron Duke
Tamis Azkanikin, the Green Man
Thorsen One-Thumb, the First Jarl
Timothy Curlytop, Shiremaster of Booh
Toska Rusa, Mistress of God
Uberstar Khazakhum, Regent of the Mines
Veslo Meridan
Willem of the Heath, the Blue Rider
Wolper Gannet, Baron of Archlis