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Demihumans of Blackmoor

Dwarves and Gnomes
Gnomes were created by the Dwarven Immortal Garl Glittergold in BC2800. Any dwarven characters mentioned in Blackmoor products should be replaced by Dwarves. Dwarves originally lived in the mountains and foothills of what later became eastern Brun. However, with the arrival of the Chromatic Dragons many dwarves were driven from their homes and found their way to the Blackmoor area. These dwarves belong to the Older Dwarven Race, from before they were altered by Kagyar. This probably means they are similar to present day Kogolor Dwarves, do not enjoy special resistance to poisons and magic, but that they at this time may wield magic and sorcery if properly trained.

The main population of Mystaran elves at the time of Blackmoor still lived on the Southern Continent (Davania) in their ancestral realm of Grunland. However a few clans migrated north. Most settled on the Western part of the Northern Continent (Proto-Bun), but a few tribes made their way to Skothar settling around Blackmoor. At this time, Elves enjoyed a special relationship with the faery races (Sprites, Pixies etc) and probably brought many of these along to Blackmoor. There is a large community of elves in the woods east of Blackmoor. As presented in the DA series, they seem to be rather xenophobic, or at least distant from humanity. Menander Ithamis being a notable exception.There are also elvish communities in the regions around the Duchy of Ten.
Some Blackmoor products mention Aquatic elves aswell. However, IIRC this is before the Aquarendi enter the Sea of Dread. If this is true, the Aquatic elves of Blackmoor must have been an early experiment by Protius before he approached the Aquarendi clan on Brun.

The origin of Halfings is shrouded with mystery. Rapports of their existance date back to BC 6000, two milennia before the foundation of the Blackmoor. Throughout this time, most Halfings remained on the southern continent of Davania where they befriended some clans of elves (Some sources suggest that the Halfings are descendent from elves). It is likely that the Halflings living near Blackmoor (Notably in the Shire of Booh on the western road leading to the swamps) are descendants ofHaflings accompanying elves who travelled to the northern Continent. Most probably died in the Great Rain of Fire, however, some may have survived and descendants of these may still exist on present day Skothar.