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Blackmoor - The First Campaign

As of July, this book has been published. It is available in pdf format and it should also be possible to get hard copies in stores. Here are some facts about the book that I have collected so far:

TirionAnthion wrote:

I picked this up today at the local FLGS. I have not read the book yet but I have skimmed it several times. It has a Black soft bound cover with a 4e compatability logo on the front. It is a 260 page B&W book. It is layed out in a style similar to the 4e PHB. The start of each chapter is a 2 page spread with a column of text and the rest of the space devoted to a large picture just like most WotC 4e books.

The book starts with a short fiction story and an intro by Arneson. The first chapter is Characters and covers races, classes, paragon paths and feats. The book intoduces 1 new race and 6 new classes. Each of the new classes has a full 30 levels of powers. It also introduces the Spiritual power source for some of the new classes. The new race is the Docrae, sort your old school halflings. Each of the new classes also have paragon paths. Many of the feats are themed for the setting.

The next chapter is Magic of the Realm which details wizard organizations, New magic items, rituals and artifacts.

The third chapter is The Kingdom of Blackmoor which details the Blackmoor setting. It talks about the political structure of Blackmoor as well as the society, calender, trade and Technology of Blackmoor. It also covers some of the regions of Blackmoor.

Chapter 4 is The Lands Beyond and details such places as the Duchy of Ten, The Elflands, The Hak, The Lands of the Regent of the Mines and the Valley of the Ancients.

Chapter 5, Religions of the North details the Blackmoor pantheon.

Chapter 6 is Regents and Rascals and is a collection of creatures.

Chapter 7 is Creatures of Blackmoor and it details 14 creatures specific to the Blackmoor setting.

As for races, the Docrae are the only new race, although the book discusses the various races from the PHB and how they fit into the setting. I glanced at the tiefling write up and found it interesting. They appear human (Thonian) but the younger generations have begun to show small horns and yellow eyes.

As for classes, the book has 6 new base classes:
Arcane Warrior - Arcane Defender - a kind of magical policeman
Elderkin - Divine Controller - communes with the spirits of the dead
Idolater - Spiritial Controller - sort of like a witch doctor
Mystic - Spiritual Defender - sage/warriors and precogs, stong monk vibe
Noble - Martial Leader - Bearers of royal blood that inspire others
Wokan - Primal Hybrid - guides, herbalists and mouthpieces of nature

Each class has a full 30 levels of powers and 4 to 5 paragon paths. The book also has some generic paragon paths not tied to specific classes. The book has around 37 new feats, several of these being channel divinity feats for the new gods in the book.